The Greater Montreal Climate Fund is a climate organization that invests and develops programs to accelerate the scaling up of low-carbon solutions in the Greater Montreal area.

Why the Greater Montreal Climate Fund

Urban areas produce about half of Canada’s emissions; without a significant reduction of these emissions, we cannot meet our climate commitments. Canadian cities strive to be climate leaders but often struggle to scale solutions due to short political cycles, siloed departments, limited resources, and low appetite for risk. It is imperative to strengthen the capacity of the urban climate in order to meet our greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets.

Not enough public investments are dedicated to the environment and the fight against climate change, and traditional investors are not prepared to assume the risks and play the role of catalyst. The Greater Montreal Climate Fund (GMCF) aims to bridge this gap and participate in the implementation and commercialization of innovative solutions, particularly in the following sectors:

  • Building renovations and net-zero construction
  • Distributed renewable energy
  • Transport electrification
  • Shared and decarbonized mobility
  • Circular economy and zero waste
FCGM efficacité énergétique
FCGM efficacité énergétique

The GMCF supports the existing Montreal ecosystem to reduce GHGs by taking action based on the following pillars:

Urban laboratory

Incubation of innovative programs :

The GMCF promotes, supports, and incubates innovative local programs that target GHG reductions, by;

• providing grants to organizations

• developing pilot and demonstration projects to support the scale-up of initiatives

• and by creating new tools to accelerate program development.

Financial partner

Capital mobilization:

The GMCF invests its endowment in impact projects and businesses, to accelerate their development by;

• mobilizing public and private co-financing

• providing financial assistance to scale up projects

• and by offering capacity building to entrepreneurs and organizations

A Montreal Climate Innovation Centre

Consultation, research, promotion:

The GMCF forges links between actors and actresses active in the sector by;

• supporting research and publishing data

• bringing together stakeholders around the climate priorities of the Greater Montreal region

• and by influencing public policies that will advance the climate mission.