Sep 10

Federal Government Provides $33M to Establish MCC

Montreal, August 30th 2019 – Today, the Government of Canada announced a $33 million investment for the establishment of the Montreal Climate Centre, which will support low-carbon solutions in the Montreal Metropolitan region, in recognition of the role of local actors to contribute to positive, systemic and sustainable change in our cities.   

The investment is part of the $183 million allocated to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) for Low Carbon Cities Canada (LC3). LC3 is an initiative that will help cities reduce their carbon footprint by supporting local solutions. As one of seven LC3 Climate Centres, the Trottier Foundation and the Montreal Climate Centre are working with FCM to establish the agreements and other necessary groundwork before the work gets officially started.

LC3’s vision for the Montreal Climate Centre is to create a partnership platform that will tap the knowledge, expertise and other resources of a broad range of players to ensure the funds awarded, the investments made, and the research completed will contribute significantly to local resilience and economic strength while reducing carbon emissions. 

The endowed funds–the announced $33 M–will be used to make it easier to develop those good ideas and one-off pilots that often get stuck, allowing them to be implemented more broadly and scaled up more quickly. For example, funding might support building retrofits or initiatives that electrify transportation. 

Today is an important milestone for the Montreal Climate Centre and our cities. We look forward to providing you with further updates as the Trottier Family Foundation continues to build the Montreal Climate Centre.  

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